IPMA int. is looking for an Awards Programme Back-office assistant (50%)

®IPMA (www.ipma.world) is a federation of 71 Member Associations (MAs). Our MAs are nonprofit
organisations and develop project management competences in their geographic areas of
influence, interacting with thousands of practitioners and developing relationships with
corporations, government agencies, universities and colleges, as well as training organizations
and consulting companies. The working language of the organisation is English.

To achieve our strategic goals, we are looking for an
Awards Programme Back-office assistant (50%)

Job Description
As an awards programme back-office assistant, your job will be to support the Awards
Coordinator in all matters related to the organisation of the IPMA awards as a product and
service. The IPMA Award team focuses on advancing countries/regions to be positive IPMA
contributors and contenders in the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award contests at national,
regional and international levels. This team fosters a distinctive performance, competition and
learning as this attracts, retains and adds value to our stakeholders.

You will support all related processes to awards to ensure that IPMA awards services are
delivered on time and produce the desired results. You will be the go-to person for the Awards
Co-ordinator. In the initial phase, you will be introduced to the process by the Back-office support
Officer. Over time the scope of awards back-office support duties will increase to more general
ones as the organisation is growing. These type of activities will be included in the 50% position.

Awards Programme Back-Office assistant duties
• Support the Awards program efforts in training and promotional activities the awards
processes in agreement with the Awards Co-ordinator
• Support the organisation of awards events such as ceremonies, training, webinars and
conferences, including the support of regional and national events
• Co-ordinate and support the design awards products (flyers, trophies, banners, etc..)
• support and organise the communication with awards stakeholders such as applying
organisations, member association awards responsible, project excellence professionals and
• Answer stakeholder requests
• Work with the tool MS-365 as a common repository
• Work with a dedicated awards application tool
• Support other activities associated with branding and communications
• Support the budget elaboration process and financial monitoring of the awards activities
Awards Programme Back-Office assistant Requirements
• Proven working experience as a back-office support preferably (but not only) in the non-profit
• Good client-facing and internal communication skills in English
• Good written and verbal communication in English skills
• Additional languages are a plus
• Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
• Good working knowledge on MS-365 products
• A good level of self-motivation
• A capacity to organise your work independently in a set working frame work
• Service-orientation and the ability to work in international teams

If you are interested in this position, please send your letter of application and curriculum
vitae to the following address: application@ipma.world
Starting date: 01.09.2022

NY IPMA-certificering til konsulenter, coaches og undervisere inden for projektledelse

CCT-certificeringen er til dig der er konsulent, coach eller underviser inden for projektledelse!

Klik her for at gå direkte til CCT-siden.

IPMA har i nogle år tilbudt, at du kan blive IPMA certificeret, hvis du enten underviser i projektledelse eller hvis du arbejder som coach eller konsulent inden for projektledelse. Denne certificering kaldes CCT (IPMA Certified Consultant Coach or Trainer) og tilbydes nu også i Danmark.

Certificeringen tilbydes på tre niveauer A, B og C, hvor A er det højeste niveau. Du behøver ikke at starte på Niveau C, men vælger blot det certificeringsniveau, der svarer til din erfaring og dit kompetenceniveau.

Certificeringen er en oplagt mulighed for dig som arbejder professionelt med udvikling af projektledelse og projektledere, men mangler tilstrækkelig praktisk erfaring med projektledelse til at blive certificeret eller re-certificeret inden for de velkendte fire IPMA-niveauer A, B C eller D.

Alle skabeloner du skal udfylde, vil være beskrevet på engelsk, men hele certificeringen vil i 2022 foregå på dansk med danske assessorer. Du kan frit vælge, om du vil udfylde skabelonerne på dansk eller engelsk.

Certified Project Management Trainer

Kan være en interessant certificering for dig som arbejder med uddannelse inden for projektledelse. Du kan evt. arbejde som:

  • Intern underviser i din virksomhed eller organisation
  • freelance underviser
  • underviser i et uddannelses-/konsulentfirma som tilbyder åbne eller skræddersyede kurser til virksomheder
  • underviser på et akademisk område, der leverer projektledelseskurser, seminarer eller workshops
  • underviser der forbereder kandidater til IPMA-certificering

Certified Project Management Consultant and Coach

Kan være en interessant certificering for dig som arbejder som konsulent eller coach inden for projektledelse. Du kan evt. arbejde som:

  • konsulent eller coach i din virksomhed eller organisation
  • freelancekonsulent eller coach
  • konsulent eller coach i et konsulenthus der leverer rådgivning om projektledelse eller coaching til kunders projektledere
  • konsulent eller coach der forbereder kandidater til IPMA-certificering

Se mere på: www.ipma.dk/cct-certificering

Communique for March 26th, 2022 virtual CoD

Læs og download dette dokument / communique her

March 26th 2022
Council of Delegates
Communique for March 26th, 2022 virtual CoD
Building a common future together in the age of chaos: the world needs actions, and projects
beyond words

This is the fourth time in the 57 years of IPMA history that we have held our Council of Delegates in a virtual
way, dictated not only by the pandemic, but also because of the war in Ukraine, resulting in the suffering
and forced migration of many people and a global impact that is still difficult to imagine.
Today more than ever before, all of us continue to learn how to carry on in these circumstances of
necessary change and transformation. We act today and envision and hope for a better future for all,
where we can all live in peace and harmony.

During the days preceding the last IPMA CoD meeting we made a great effort together with our Member
Associations addressing initiatives at local and regional levels. At this first Council of Delegates
meeting in 2022, as an international community of, IPMA nations which is the largest, most diverse
and multicultural professional network that exists in our profession, we would like to share the following
message: “we need more facts, more realities, that help those in need today and also ideas, projects for
reconstruction and a new sustainable future”.

Beyond words and statements, we need to contribute to making good things happen for those in need
today in Ukraine and throughout the region. We would like to design a future that will be necessary and
difficult and that will be challenging. Now more than ever, projects and professional project management
experts are needed.

Some of the specific actions proposed by our Associations and the Executive Board are the following:
» Support the professional development (i.e. training, certification) at no cost to Ukrainians;
» Invite project management professionals from Ukraine to join our meetings at no cost:
• IPMA Serbia, which is host and co-organizer of the next international research conference
on project management (June, Belgrade), will offer free registration to all professionals from

• The Certification Body in the Netherlands will charge no fees to Ukranian citizens who would like
to apply for certification. Certification Bodies in other countries are also investigating this.
Other similar initiatives from other member associations will be communicated soon. Under our social
initiative IPMA C4D-Coaching for Development, a call is opened to present joint actions with other
NFP organizations, professional associations, communities of practitioners to join forces and address
challenges in a local, regional and global way.

IPMA Chairman Dr. Jesus Martinez Almela highlights that the most important thing now addressing
the level of change and transformation management required by a portfolio will largely depend on
the amount of disruption created in individuals’ and groups’ day-to-day lives, plus attributes such as
culture, value system and history with past changes. In our previous CoD meeting, in September 2021
we addressed that building a sustainable future means supporting those individuals and countries that
are in need. At the moment this is the case. And I am proud that as IPMA, our large global network of
member and affiliated associations are rising to the challenge and providing meaningful support to the
people of Ukraine.
The current world situation requires flexibility and adaptability in order to move forward to a sustainable
free world. Let’s work together to make this happen.

We will continue our work worldwide and see the future in a much more peacefully, freedom, equitable
and sustainable, addressing the present as well post war reality.

Ukraine MA is exempted from the membership fee for 2 years – 2022 and 2023.

Jesus Martinez Almela, IPMA Council of Delegates Chairman
IPMA CoD Chair Dr. Jesus Martinez-Almela is available for comment via info@ipma.world