The fees for IPMA Certification can be seen below.
The fees for the Fast track Certification is 20% higher than the "normal" rounds.
You get a discount if you are a member of Danish Project Management.
All fees are stated in Danish currency VAT exclusive.

Member                                                   Not a member
Level D      kr.  6.900                              kr.    7.500
Level C      kr. 18.600                             kr.  19.800
Level B      kr. 23.400                             kr. 24.600
Level A      kr. 29.400                             kr. 30.600

Member                                                     Not a member

Level C      kr. 18.600                                kr.  19.800
Level B      kr. 23.400                                kr.  24.600
Level A      kr. 29.400                                kr. 30.600

(+2000 kr. If you need a written exam at level C and B)

Member                                                    Not a member
Level D      kr.  3.450                                 kr.  3.725
Level C      kr. 7.440                                  kr.  7.920
Level B      kr. 9.360                                  kr.  9.840
Level A      kr. 11.760                                kr. 12.240

If you don’t pass a step in the certification process the fee for a second, try will be:

  • For the written exam at level D, C or B   3.000
  • For the case report at level B or A 3.000
  • For the workshop and interview at level C, B    5.000
All fees are stated in Danish currency VAT exclusive.

Conditions for cancellation and moving to next round