Become IPMA certified, when it suits you best

The perfect option for you to acquire a certification documentation fast, or fitting in a certified programme into a very busy schedule.

We have expanded your options so that you decide for yourself how quickly you want to be certified. We call this model fast track, but it could just as easily be called flex track, since you decide the pace.

Why chose IPMA?

Focus on career development

With an IPMA certification on your CV, you create yourself better career opportunities within Project Management.

Flexibility and ease

With a customized IPMA certification programme, your wishes and personal time management is met. This option gives you the best option to schedule and plan your certification in your own time.

A unique learning experience

This certification – is acknowledhed in more than 70 countries – your get insight, increase your awareness of your own knowledge and experiences, and promote your own ability to reflect on the project processes.

A flexible certification programme

If the dates of the fixed certification rounds do not fit into your plans, you can register for a fast track certification.
Once we have received your registration, we will contact you directly. We then tailor your certification process to suit you.
We offer fast track certification at all certification levels, and we will follow the normal certification process required at the certification level you are applying to be certified at.
There is no difference whatsoever in the validity and duration of your certificate in relation to completing the certification on one of the established certification rounds.
Sign up for Fast track

The programme

  • The certification takes place online afvikles online.
  • At the intro session you will receive a thorough introduction to the programme and insight in the files regarding CV and self assessment. All questions will be answered here.
  • After completion of the programme is you will receive a letter together with your certificate if you pass.

Read about the certification requirements here

If your are in doubt which level your are on, please do not hesitate to call us on tel. +45 8844 3600, so we can have a talk about it, or even sign you up for one of our free information meetings.

Dates for information meetings 2023


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