Download documents for the IPMA Certification

After having attended the introduction session the first step, at all IPMA Certification levels, is to fill in the file, which contains CV and self-assessment.

When attending the introduction session you will, at all levels, receive the self-evaluation tool-book: Competencies in Project Management. The book is included in the certification fee and you will need this book, in order to fill in your self-assessment.

At the introduction session, you will get thorough guidance in how to use the CV and self-assessment files.

At all levels there will also be a certification guide, which describes all the steps in the certification process.

Below you can download the specific documents, you need for your IPMA Certification.

IPMA Certificering gav mig et gevaldig boost til mine kvalifikationer og kompetencer.

Anette Zobbe, A-certificeret, PEAK Consulting